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mmrochuk 07-27-2013 08:30 PM

Nutrient Information: Order of Input Disconnect
In the "custom foods" feature, I find it very inconvenient that the order in which FitDay presents the various nutrients coincides with neither the order in which they appear on a standard "Nutritional Information" label, nor the order in which they appear in FitDay's own "Nutrition" tab on the Food Log.

Since FitDay does not have a "recipe builder" feature, I -- and a lot of other users -- have come to the "work-around" solution of entering all the ingredients for a recipe into a blank day on the Food Log, then entering the nutritional information from that into a "custom food." But the order in which I have to enter nutrient data for a "custom food" makes no sense -- tabbing through the fields, I have to enter Vitamin A, then Calcium, then Vitamin D, then Thiamin, and so on. Meanwhile, the Food Log's "Nutrition" tab shows all the nutrients in alphabetical order -- including cholesterol, sodium, and potassium, all of which are to be entered in the "top half" of the "custom food" information table.

It's frustrating, and it should be an easy fix. :(

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