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Rubystars 02-03-2013 05:18 PM

Candied Ginger
I bought some candied ginger a while back. I use it when I have nausea and it really helps a lot. For some reason when I've used nausea medicine in the past, it makes me throw up, so it kind of defeats the purpose. Candied ginger really helps though for occasional nausea. Ginger tea helps for more minor nausea but if I really have an off day the candied ginger is much stronger.

However it's not in the Fitday database. Is there any way this could be added? Unfortunately the package I bought from amazon doesn't have any calorie information on it. It's just candied ginger in a coating of granulated sugar in pieces of various size.

I'd like to be able to weigh it by grams and enter that in.

The closest thing in the database is candied fruit peel but I don't know if that is the same calorie-wise or not.

You guys did me a great favor another time by adding raw ripe plantain into your database before. If you could do me another favor I'd appreciate it..

I've never been pregnant before and I'm not now, but I know there are some pregnant women on these forums that use ginger to fight nausea too and it would probably also be helpful for them too, or for anyone else who deals with occasional nausea, to be able to more easily log in the candied ginger.


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