Calories burned estimated incorrectly- How to correct?

  • How do we edit the calories burned when we log an activity? I did a 30 min workout on treadmill and Fitday is trying to say it is only 218 calories, but according to my Polar FT4 with chest strap, I burned 289 calories. I would like to use the calories my Polar Ft4 shows instead of what site recommends
  • At present, there's no way to edit the calories burned; however, you can tweak the activity to more accurately reflect what your HRM says. I would keep the time the same and tweak the speed for a relative number of minutes each

    For example, when I used to play tennis, my HRM said I burned less than FitDay calculated, so I would enter, for an hour, 40 minutes singles tennis and 20 minutes doubles tennis. So possibly you could do 4.0 mph for X number of minutes and 4.5 for the remainder of the half hour, tweaking it till it balances out.

    But I agree, it would be wonderful to customize an activity. That was in discussion for a while. Maybe someone will let us know if it's still an option on the table.