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kai-man 05-18-2012 02:11 PM

Daily Value vs. RDA in entry of vitamins and minerals
Hello FitDay,
this seems to be an issue that doesn't want to go away, judging by the number of related posts.

When I enter values for my food/supplements or whatever, I enter Daily Values.
FitDay then makes an absolut weight out of this, customizes it for my parameters and displays my RDA.

I understand this, but handling it, as a user, is really annoying!!

Currently I have to guesstimate my %DV until I get the correct value under Total Nutrition as RDA. Because the total weight is the same in both!
This for every single vitamin or mineral. :mad::mad:

For example, if I could just add the total weight of something (in mg, mcg, etc.), as I often could with supplements, then Fitday wouldn't have to do all these calculations and the user would be less confused.

In the creation of a custom food allow entry of EITHER the %DV OR the total weight of the substance in question.

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