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SmallerPossum 05-12-2012 01:23 AM

What's up with asparagus ??
Hi !

I am new here and logged in my first days food.

I knew I did not eat all that much today as I skipped lunch, so when I reviewed what I entered I noticed that it said 171 calories for my asparagus ( steamed and fresh ) with 9.6 grams of fat !

I thought that would be impossible, so did some checking online at other sites, and they all were between 97 - 110 calories and 0-1 gram of fat.

Now I am confused, as I have diabetes and am really trying to control my carbs, so need accurate information.

Any ideas, just a simple typo ? Can it be corrected ?

Thanks !

cjohnson728 05-12-2012 03:06 AM

Sometimes veggies are funny...if you just use the Search feature, it assumes they were cooked in fat (I agree that this is stupid but it is a glitch that has never been changed). To get better results, use the Food Browse feature, select vegetables, then find the appropriate category for asparagus (I think it's under "other"), then find Asparagus, then under that, cooked, from fresh, fat not added in cooking. That will give you values that are much more accurate.

Admittedly, this is one of the things that really irritates me with FitDay...why go through all of these steps when with other programs you can just click once and have the right info?

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