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CrashCart9 02-23-2012 10:31 AM

Inaccuracies in Weight Goal tab.
The biggest problem on the site right now for me is the Progress section of the weight goal tab. Basically, what we've got is calories out being measured by dividing them over the entire goal length, but calories in being averaged only by the goal length elapsed.

Actual Calories Burned are divided by the entire goal length, assuming that all future/unrecorded days are simply at BMR. So the number is incorrectly small--for example, I've burned 2500+ cals every day so far that I've been tracking my weight goal, but Calories Burned: Actual displays only 2050 due to this division.
On the other hand, the Calories Eaten are only divided by past/recorded days, so that number is accurate for what you've done so far.

Put together, this leads to the Calorie Restriction part of the table being inaccurately low and useless. It's basic math that you can't just subtract across the numerators of two items with differing denominators.

As is, these measures are only useful at the end of your goal tracking (when the denominators would finally match up), not in the middle -- they're not a good measure of "Progress" at all. It needs to be changed so both measures only factor in the days elapsed on the goal, and not the future. If you temporarily change your goal to end today, you'll see what the Actual columns should read as if only measured from start date to today; that's what it needs to show all the time.

Hope this is being worked on in the Beta, but I'd really like a fix for the Classic version as well. It's my number one used feature, being able to plan exactly how many calories to eat/burn to reach my goal, but having to change my goal end date to today whenever I want to see my accurate progress is a hassle. :(

jemcgarvey 04-12-2012 07:36 PM

I noticed a similar problem with the weight tab, where "weekly average" was completely wrong every time. I can't even figure out how they got the wrong numbers, but it's completely useless as it isn't even consistent. Good thing I'm capable of doing all the math myself :rolleyes:

For example, over a 6 week period I lost 8.9 lbs (which is correct), but said this equalled 1.02 lbs per week. It should be almost 1.5.

It also said that over 10 weeks I lost 16 lbs, for a weekly average of -.5 lbs ...this is ridiculous.

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