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Old 01-12-2012, 03:10 AM   #1
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Question Post-pregnancy weight loss...

Hi there,
I'm new to this site and I have to say it's amazing! I started counting my calories myself with an Excel sheet but then i found your site, i love it!
So, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right spot but here goes:

I've had a baby 2 months ago and like most women in my shoes, I have some pregnancy weight to lose. I'm doing great with the calorie intake vs. calories burned process because I have been writing everything down in the appropriate section of this site (did I say i love the site?!).

One thing that I wish was in the activities list is "breastfeeding". It burns between 500 and 800 calories a day (I KNOW RIGHT!!) and since there's probably alot of women out there using this site post-pregnancy, I think it should be in there. Since we cannot cut out too many things from our diet because of the breastfeeding, we cannot afford to lose our "500-800 calories burned" lol. I would like to be able to add to my activities...

What do you think, would it be a possibility?

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Old 01-12-2012, 03:45 AM   #2
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Hi, welcome to FitDay.

Good suggestion. From what I understand, custom activities will be a part of FitDay 2.0 so that's the way FD will address activities such as this.

You may want to read some of these threads since you've got an interest in this topic:

FitDay Discussion Boards - Threads Tagged with breastfeeding

And you may want to check out our Help File (in my signature) to get yourself acquainted here. It can be overwhelming between navigating the forum and learning a robust new program.

Best wishes,

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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Old 01-12-2012, 04:21 AM   #3
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I don't believe that breastfeeding will aver be an activity on FitDay, but there has much some talk about custom activities. Until then you can always log it as another activity that burns calories at a similar rate.
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Old 01-12-2012, 06:23 PM   #4
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Thanks for the welcome .
I'll have a look at that, thank you.

I completely understand what you're saying about "Breastfeeding not being an activity" lol, it would look weird up their on the list i have to say, but I love the idea of being able to create that activity.

Thanks guys
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Old 01-17-2012, 08:44 PM   #5
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Default Nursing mother

Does Fitday have a place to deduct calories/figuring in breastfeeding to calorie goals? Or do I have to figure that in on my own?

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Old 01-19-2012, 06:14 PM   #6
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I really like the site, but am very concerned that the calorie calculator or profile doesn't ask women if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. It would be unsafe to the woman and baby if she were to cut back calories as much as the site is suggesting if the woman was pregnant or breastfeeding.

Every weight management program and/or website like this I've seen asks this question specifically before calculations. I would recommend that Fit Day look into adding this to their profile.
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baby weight, breastfeeding

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