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rstamper 11-17-2011 01:45 PM

Beta Feedback
I love the new reports... and the site looks great.

I have only one critical comment. The recent foods display is not that good. They should be in alphabetic order. Also there are over 100 recents and only 50 can be displayed at a time. I find the new "recents" tab more difficult to use than the old. Maybe you could do a "frames" kind of setup where one of the frames was a scrollable list of all recents and it was always up. I have a huge monitor, so there is plenty of screen real estate. Most people do have large monitors these days.

Ok I have two :)... One of my biggest complaints about the old version, and I'm not sure how it behaves in the new version is that it constantly logs me out. This information just doesn't need to be that secure. I would like to log in once every month or two and the rest of the time for it to just remember me in my browser and when I load it up... just take me to the foods page. No logins... please remember my login.

Other than that... I love your service. I'm just getting back to using it. The only way I maintain my weight is to count... and your service is the best at that.



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