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almeeker 11-09-2011 08:06 PM

Phone App suggestion.
Okay I have an iphone, LOVE IT, and I have the fitday app loaded on the phone. At first it crashed a lot and I didn't use it, but lately it's been much better and I'm on the go a lot, so it's very handy, especially since it's also linked to the on-line account.

My problem is that I frequently measure my foods in grams. This is a problem when I go to log on the app because the little wheel on the left is from 0-99, and from 00-.95 on the right. My scale measures in grams, not in tenths of grams, so the wheel with the . on it is useless. The other wheel is a little useless too, because I often eat a couple hundred grams of something. So I end up having to log it in like 3 times to get an accurate logging. My suggestion is to just delete the dot and have the wheel on the left be hundreds and the wheel on the right be ones and tens, or maybe 3 wheels that go from 0-9 would be better? If you don't understand what I mean, try logging 295 grams of raw broccoli on your phone app.

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