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catmarlson 10-27-2011 05:10 PM

Weight Goal Error on Website and more suggestions
If you go to the weight goal tab.
Then select your progress from the tabs below. You get to see you weight change progress in the center. Only it's not very helpful. It's taking your current pounds lost and then dividing it by your entire goal term (several months).
So the "Weight Lost Per Week" is not correct.

I'm not exactly sure how the calorie budget on the right works. It doesn't seem very useful to me. What I'd like to see there is an overall average of my total daily calories. Along with a 7 day moving average of my total daily calories eaten. Having a graph of some sort along with this would be helpful too. Someone that is looking to lose a lot of weight will likely need to keep lowering their intake as they lose.
Charting the 7 day average calories on top of their 7 day average weight would show the correlation between the two things. Which might help people see why they plateau.

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