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grandmother8 08-07-2011 05:13 PM

How can I get help with juicing? what I mean is how do I list the amounts on the daily journal? The food search only comes up with whole foods, not partial, like 1/2 a lime of 2 staks of kale, and 2 cups of spinach, and 1/4 of beet, 1 apple.
Can someone please help me?
Thank you,

almeeker 08-07-2011 05:28 PM

Put the food into your log and then edit the amount, make sure to hit the "save" button on the bottom after you complete the editing.

Kumochi 08-07-2011 06:11 PM

decimals work It won't take fractions so I put .5 for 1/2 cup etc. Mary

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