Calories burned - wait a minute!

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Default Calories burned - wait a minute!

Looking at the Overview page, I see my calories burned number is the same for today's, for the week, for the past 2 weeks, for the past 4 weeks, for the past 2 months?????

Who's doin' the math here?

Another customer satisfaction issue that will be ignored?
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That's odd, mine works fine. Is this a new issue or has it done this right along? Does refreshing the browser help? Let us know.

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Mine's working fine too. Are you entering your activities? If not then the calories burned would be the same for every day. Just a thought.
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If the vast majority of your calories burned are through your basic metabolic rate, and the calories burned through extra activities logged is fairly small and/or very consistent, you could be getting the same average repeatedly.
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I've had this same problem for a long while now It seems to affect users randomly! The "Input" calories changes appropriately, but the Burned doesn't on the Overview tab no matter what category I hit, and I do definitely exercise at different levels on different days/weeks (and when I do the averages myself on a trusty calculator, the numbers come out different).

It's weird. I reported it a couple of months ago in here. Not a game-breaker for me, but definitely a little frustrating.

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Thanks for the input everyone. Problem persists today. It seems to take the daily calories burned from one day (today), and that number doesn't change as I scroll thru the other options. The actual average for the past 7 days, for example, was 2850. Today I burned 3153, and that's the number that shows as the "average" for all the other options... Not a biggie, as was pointed out, but it would be nice if it worked thevway it should. (I'm using an iPad, might that be an issue?)
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