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imnes 04-08-2011 12:46 AM

Attn Admins - Technical Trouble with Site - Very Slow
The last few days it seems like the site has been getting progressively slower. Most of the day today it has been unusable, I've tried to enter food several times but it just times out waiting for a response. It seems like read operations are fine, the pages come up fine. It's database writes that seem to be an issue (saving changes to food journal, deleting an entry, etc.)

This also extends to the forums, I tried to post this earlier today and the site timed out before the post could be written. Hoping it goes through now...

Is this a known issue that's being worked on or is it a problem on my end? Or is it business as usual around here :) I really like the site and am considering a paid membership to get rid of the ads, but at this point it's basically unusable for me.

ldarmo 04-09-2011 12:09 PM

Strange problems with site - anyone else?
I've used fitday for several years, great site. The last few days, weird things happening. First, I wasn't able to log on - got "internal server error" messages. Now that I can log onto the site, the banner ads are all in spanish. The worst of it is that I cannot reliably get the screen with my daily food entered. I sometimes get the screen. Search for a food, hit "add to food log", then it goes directly to the pie chart. I can't adjust quantities or type of serving. I have tried relogging, restarting the computer, different computers. Still the same weird problems. Has the site been hacked or otherwise corrupted? I have years of hand entered custom foods. I may have to go to another site, but hate to lose fitday. Is it just me, or have others had the same issues?

ldarmo 04-09-2011 12:10 PM

also, I see it has my join date as January 2010(???). I have been a member since at least 2006!

01gt4.6 04-09-2011 03:25 PM

As far as the join date that you see here, that's the date that you first started posting on the forums. The "internal server error" isn't you, it's an issue with FitDay. I believe it has something to do with an update or the changes that they are making. I'm hoping that it clears up soon. Spanish ads?? I have no idea, I don't see any ads but that does sound strange. When it comes to adding foods, I haven't noticed any issues with that but I haven't logged anything today. I can see where that would be a big PITS, maybe that's an issue with the update as well. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

mecompco 04-09-2011 06:25 PM

Things seem pretty stable for me today--yesterday I got the server error for at least a couple of hours. I've never had an issue with making entries (assuming the site was accessible). One hopes these issues will clear up once the updates/changes are complete.


mmearp 04-10-2011 01:50 AM

Errors as well...
Yeah, I'm definitely receiving errors on FitDay as well. Sometimes the total foods I have entered for the day do not show up. I have to continuously refresh the page in order to get it to show.
Also, my total recommended B-12 RDA showed up to be 127% for the day. I KNOW for a fact I haven't eaten enough foods rich in B-12 to equal my total daily values. I even looked at each of the foods individually and I should have only 51%. A little off??

What is going on?!?!?!

wildbeanerz 04-10-2011 06:19 PM

I thought this was just me. On my pc at work I get a 404 error when I try to do anything that requires logging in (logging food, activities or posting on forums) but I can view the site as long as I don't log in. From my two home computers everything is fine though.

Azaron 04-11-2011 02:02 PM

Having repeated problems with Fitday Food
I just have the free version, but for about a week now when I try to update my foods for the day it just forwards me to the weight goal screen or something - I have to try about 3-4 times before I'm lucky enough to get it to work. I've been using this software for 6 months now and I've never had this problem before. Any info?

carlospandero 04-12-2011 04:23 PM

Slow here too.
Same here. Site unusably slow. Accessing from UK. No premium membership.

jsands1 04-18-2011 03:56 AM

I have been using FitDay for a couple of years, off and on, and steadily since last October. I really love this site, but it has become completely unreliable and so slow that I walk away from the computer for 5 mins in between entering foods/activities some mornings!!! I don't have time to use it anymore due to the extremely poor response time. Not sure what is going on, but I'm going to quit using it. It's a bummer too, I lose all my progress when I switch to a new site. But I'm moving to another that is free and FASTER! :confused:

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