Double Counting Digestion?


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Default Double Counting Digestion?

As was pointed out in another area there is a difference between the calories burned calculation on the website and the FitDay PC software. The difference lies mostly in the "digestion" category that appears in my list. This is running on the order of ~250-300 calories a day for me. I have been religiously tracking my calories and body composition since 1/3/2011. Over that period of time I have lost 4.8 pounds of fat (measured by doing weight measurements and percent body fat measurements at the beginning and a couple days ago). Simultaneously I have tracked the daily fat loss that I should have assuming that the calorie deficits from FitDayPC for a each day were in line. According to that over the same period I should have lost a bit over 7 pounds of fat.

I went back and for each day looked at the sum total of the digestion component of the activities and ran that up through the day of weigh in. The difference between the actual fat loss versus original estimated fat loss was 2.71 pounds (or 9470 calories). The running total of the digestion components for that same period of time is 8940 calories.

I'm sure there are inaccuracies elsewhere in my food estimates, but I would think that it would be a little heavy sometimes and a little light others. I've done this sort of tracking off and on for almost ten years, so I'm not going to bias too consistently off in underestimating calorie consumption. Also it's a bit too close to me that the delta tracks so closely to the digestion calculation difference between FitDay PC and the website.

Can you guys look into if the digestion is being double counted in the PC version, or if I perhaps have some configuration where that could happen and its a known issue?
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