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01gt4.6 01-12-2011 10:05 PM

Read before posting a request.
There are a number of things that we are working on to make FitDay a better, more user friendly site. Some things will take longer than others, so please be patient.

Before starting a new thread requesting a change or a fix to the site, please do a search to see if this has already been addressed. If it has, feel free to post in that thread, rather than making a new thread. This will help clean up the forum so we can concentrate of getting these changes taken care of.

If you have a personal issue, such has log in of old account that has been addressed by another member, feel free to post your own thread.

Thank you for your patients and contributing to make Fitday such a wonderful site!

Usefull Information about Forum Tags

VitoVino 01-24-2012 01:21 AM

How to search tags
As an example, the person is wanting to know what threads are tagged with "FitDay". Looking at the threads already listed in the Tag Cloud, the person wants to see what ALL of the tags are that are tagged with FitDay. The person decides on "FitDay Best of Series" and then performs a search using that criteria.

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