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gluci 11-25-2010 09:25 AM

Pleeeeaase create an application for smartphones!
Hi, I looooove your way of working and helping us. It's great. And I bet if you could put this website in a more synthetic version for phones it would be revolutionary! I'm serious... They are already some similar app for iPhone.. But there are not as nearly good as fitday! Even if you would create a paying application people would buy it for suuuure! I would!
It would defenitely make my life easier.. Cause you know.. During the day you dont always have time to go to the computer.. Then you forget.. And then you screw the whole thing up! I'm sure many other user would be happy.. And many new ones would join de fitday family!

01gt4.6 11-25-2010 01:25 PM

Welcome to the forums. We have an iPhone app in the works. No ETA in a release date yet, but we are working on it. I'm already getting requests for the Droid as well.

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