Adding sugar to the nutrition data

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Post Adding sugar to the nutrition data

Does anyone here know of an online food log which has an entry to keep track of how much sugar you consume everyday? I need to start keeping an eye on that. Thanks for any help on this matter. I wish I could track sugar on fitday.
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juliesday1964, did you ever get a response (PM) from this post? I've worked with several for log programs and I just started with Fit Day, but I'm not going to stay with it if you can't record the sugar amounts especially in the custom food log.
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I am finding the same issue with this program as both of you are. I like some of the features with this program, but not at all happy with not being able to track the sugar intake as well as trans fat (which I am trying to avoid entirely anyway). I also can't seem to find a way to create my own recipes and the servings per recipe so I can add one serving to my food log. I may start looking at SparkPeople or myfitnesspal instead.
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Tap in sugar and it comes up in teaspoonfuls. In America sugar is only recognised in carb form. In the UK its in total carb and under it states sugar but in the body it all breaks down as carbs. Keep all carb low to solve your problem.
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Smile Adding sugar to the nutrition data

Today is the first day I've been to this site in over 6 years and I must say I am a bit disappointed to see that they haven't improved their nutrition data and haven't added a page with a program for converting our recipes into nutritional labels. That said, I really like this site because it is easy to navigate and doesn't have a ton of tangential articles, pages, etc. OKAY--So this is my work around. First I create my nutrition label by using the recipe conversion program on I then manually insert the numbers into the blank nutrition label Fit Day offers on the Create Food page. I realize this may seem like a lot of work but it doesn't really take that much time and once it's there it stays (I still haven't figured out how to do that on the Very Well Fit site--yes, I am a dinosaur).

As for the sugar, the site I use to create the nutrition label does list sugar and I just input that number on the Fit Day label next to alcohol sugars. Now, I know they aren't the same thing but listing the number there allows me to keep track of the sugar in the recipe serving. When I bring the data to my doctor it allows us to analyze my sugar intake. Keeping track of sugar is important and this is the best way I've found to do it.

No, this isn't perfection but it does work for me. I do hope someone out there finds this information helpful.
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Hello everyone, I was looking to see if brown sugar was more healthy than white sugar. What are your thoughts?
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