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kathyhix 06-26-2010 05:24 PM

No moderator
Are these forums not moderated? I am not seeing any responses to any questions regarding the software itself.

m330 06-27-2010 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by kathyhix (Post 14489)
Are these forums not moderated? I am not seeing any responses to any questions regarding the software itself.

No moderators, and no support either, from what I gather. I'm relatively new here, and for all the potential Fitday shows, I fear it's a dead, stagnating application... as a matter of fact, I'd be interested in hearing of any good alternatives people may be investigating.

m330 06-30-2010 09:37 PM

No idea whether anybody's even reading these forums, but the last few days I've been trying Link removed

It addresses many of the problems I have with Fitday, such as the lack of meal groupings and having to keep a redundant database for custom foods. And the type-ahead search is infinitely better than the user experience here. The database appears to be much more extensive than FitDay's--it's so much easier to find and enter a certain food, whether commercial, custom, restaurant, whatever. It's light-years ahead of FitDay's.

I can't speak to the activity tracker or some of the other functions, and I'm just in need of a diet tracker/calorie counter. So far, it's a great fit for my needs, and I'd recommend it... and I'd love to hear about any other good alternatives, as well.

FitMundy 07-15-2010 08:36 PM

I just signed up yestersday and was pretty excited about using these tools. Here is the forrum moderator stats I pulled from the first thread of this section:
Join Date
Total Posts

Not a good sign, think ill be lookin for a different support site.

Oldwailer 07-24-2010 09:09 PM

I'm new here too--just signed up yesterday--I think I'm going to try some other solutions. Thanks for posting the info about the software--I was about to buy it, hoping that it would be an easier interface. . .:o

beagles8mylunch 08-02-2010 01:57 AM

I'd been a member here before, a few years ago... everything has a new look since then so I assume someone bothers to work on it sometimes, but probably not to moderate or answer anything in the forums.

beagles8mylunch 08-02-2010 03:42 PM

i went and signed up at livestrong... i was a bit frustrated at first because everything there is extremely interactive so I was getting confused, but after just one day I feel it's really good there. It does track activity and everything as well. Not to mention that the paid membership there helps support cancer research. :)

The one thing I don't like is the food search... while the autocomplete does help for somethings, I prefer a plain list I can scroll through and check out. The livestrong food search sometimes has multiples for the same food but with different numbers. I don't get that... but it may be bc I am missing something.

You need to manually choose to go set your lifestyle and intake goals to get the charts to display it sensibly, but that's not hard.

So.. with all the buggy software, lack of help, etc... I'm just going there instead. Best of luck to those staying here!

FatApple03 08-02-2010 08:38 PM

I've be using fitday off and on since 2002. I like fitclick a lot but all my old data is still here... over the next few months I think that unless something significant happens I am switching over to fitclick and slowly transfer my old data.

yauncin 08-13-2010 06:00 PM

I was looking through some old posts and I noticed there were moderators, one of them called Fitday_jim up until about the end of June. Don't know what happened to them after that.

SheilaMR1948 08-21-2010 11:12 PM

You could try, which is a great site and is completely free.


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