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AndyMorris 01-22-2014 06:04 PM

An article suggested for me to use this site. However, I am skinny and trying to gain muscle.. I can't put that I'm trying to gain weight.. It won't let me!

Prospect84 01-22-2014 06:24 PM

It won't allow you to set a goal of weight gained, you are not the first person to bring this up. It's not you, it's the program. But regaurdless it is still a wonderful tool if you are trying to gain weight. JUst write your goal down somewhere, and use the fitday program for what it is best at, and that is tracking calories in vs. calories out. And to keep track of your %'s of carbs/protein/fats.

All you need to know is that if you want to gain weight, you have to exceed your calories out with what you take in. So say your "calories burned" on fitday shows... 2500 (keeping it simple...) If you are looking to gain lean muscle, you should be trying to take in probably 3000 to 3500 healthy calories per day. Maybe more if you enter an intense work out and pump up your calories burned to 3000, then you would want to try to be between 3500 and 4000 roughly. It will still track weight entries, you just won't have a graphed line to compare your goal weight to your actual weight, but if you set a goal, you should be able to see if you are putting on a pound a week, if you are going to reach that goal or not.

Hope this helps!
Good luck!

Kathy13118 01-22-2014 06:50 PM

I agree with what Prospect84 said. When you log your food, fitday will tell you that you're eating more than your goal calories (which is what you want - you want to have more calories rather than less).

Just think how frustrating it is for people like me - trying to lose weight and I see that I'm exceeding my goal calories! Fitday has a cruel way to letting you know that it notices!

Zuriprox 01-22-2014 08:47 PM

It is very important that the food is not healthy to accumulate fat.
And sport tone up muscles

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