Custom foods

  • A new Pima from FitDay: want to enter a custom, pre-cooked tilapia fillet.
    Open foods to "Tilapia, cooked, dry heat".
    Customize the name and the numbers with info from the container.
    Click on "Create This Food", BUT FitDay sails me back to my food log.
    Does not enter the new food on my food log.
    Does not, in fact, even create the new food.
    Hit the 'back' button, and
    we leap back to "Tilapia, cooked, dry heat" with the original values.

  • From what you say, you are first calling up the entry from the database for 'tilapia,cooked, dry heat'

    Are you trying to edit the information contained there to make that a 'custom food'?

    I think what you want to do is just click on 'create custom food' without doing anything other than that. Don't try to link it to the entry for 'tilapia, cooked, dry heat' in any way. Just create it and save it. I usually add it to my food log just to make sure it works as I think I entered it (then I delete it from my food log if I didn't eat it...)
  • @Kohsamui: Sometimes Fitday Classic behaves better.

    To access "classic mode" click on the "Fitday Classic" link located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.