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Default junk food listings

I love the program, but how come if I want to look up a single raspberry or black berry I have to wade through lists of pies and cereals and candy bars?
If I want to find out the calories in a table spoon of pure cacao, I get lists of fattening treats, cookies, chocolate bars and prepared foods.

Surely if someone is using this program they are already aware of the fact that they shouldn't even consider eating these things.

It would be nice if the simple elements were listed before all of the processed things. For example, if I enter "strawberry" the first food to come up should be a strawberry, not jam or pies etc.

The extended food lists don't reflect most Canadian palates either - basic Italian or French raw materials are not listed, things like capers, bocconcini, truffles (the mushroom kind),fiddleheads, and other common items are not to be found.

That being said - I still find it to be tremendously helpful.
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Usually when someone talks about raspberry or strawberry in the singular tense, they are referring to stuff like pies or juice because usually when you eat just the berries you eat more than one.. Look up the plural tense (strawberries, raspberries, etc)
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What is your favorite junk food? I like burgers.
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I love junk food and don't know how to stop eating it
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French fries. Recently, I've been making a conscious effort to lower the amount of junk food I eat, mainly because of my health condition, which I take seriously. However, I must admit that there are moments when I can't resist the indulgence of a guilty pleasure. Every now and then, I find myself craving those crispy, golden French fries that somehow manage to perfectly balance saltiness and deliciousness. With my health in mind, I've been exploring healthier alternatives to satisfy my occasional cravings. Oven-baked sweet potato fries have become my go-to option, offering a similar crispy texture and a delightful sweetness that complements my strict diet. Tossed in just a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, they have become a flavorful treat that I can savor without guilt. Along with my efforts to make better food choices, I'm also taking prescription medications from Canadian Pharmacy to manage my health condition.
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