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Persistant 02-05-2013 02:10 PM

Custom Foods: multiple measurements
Hey guys,

On food label products there are always at least 2 measures: one for weight, one for units (9 squares of chocolate for example) or volume (a quarter cup). But the data entry form in FitDay does not reflect that, which forces us to enter multiple custom foods for each measurement type.

When I am at home I weigh everything on a small kitchen scale (takes no time at all) but on the go I can't. So having both systems of measurement available at once would be a huge timesaver.



01gt4.6 02-05-2013 05:26 PM

Persistant, first off, thank you for supporting FitDay by being a Premium member!

What I usually do is have most of my custom foods set up as weight, because I aslo use a food scale. I have gotten used to "eyeballing" it when I can't weigh it. I have a good idea what the weight or serving size is.

Some people also put a note in the title of the custom food. Lets say you have almonds as a custom food, you may know that 30 grams = a serving and usually 30 almonds = a serving. You could set it us as a weighted (if that's the correct word) item but have the title say "Almonds 30/serving"

That's just a suggestion, there may be an easier way of doing it though.

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