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brandonpollard 08-21-2012 02:53 PM

Load time issue
I have been on FitDay Premium 2.0 for about a month now and at least once a day, when I try to input my food, the site will not load. I get the banner but the dashboard does not load. I usually just switch to FitDay Classic and input my food there. This is not a hardware issue or browser issue, I have no problems with any other site. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It is a bit distressing that I paid for FitDay Premium but have to use FitDay classic the majority of the time.

IBobi 08-24-2012 01:17 AM

Which browser and version are you running? Did you try clearing your cache, trying another browser? We aren't seeing any other users reporting this error at the moment; what happens when you simply refresh your screen?

michael813 08-28-2012 09:27 PM

Load Time
I agree with the user, there are so many scripts running that the page takes forver to load. I suspect that the Fitday IT is convinced that it is a user issue, and will suggest that we try to "fix" our computers. Has someone from fitday gone home and tried out the site as a user? It is seriously frustrating trying to use the site. I try it for a few days here and there hoping that it has been streamlined. Fitday classic is far superior to what is available now. It's a real shame because I think that fitday is losing users.

cjohnson728 08-28-2012 11:21 PM

Hi Michael, I think with the plethora of comments, they don't view it as a user issue. My understanding is that they are working on the issues that seem to be system-wide and also trying to address other users via PMs or through the forum.

I have not personally had the problems with it, but with so many folks identifying an issue, I'm not going to say they're not there. But I know the concerns have been reported by many folks and are being addressed, so hopefully you'll see a fix soon.

Also, as a reminder (know y'all know, but it bears repeating), practice "safe internet"...don't click or download anything from an unknown source.

And, if you can post a screenshot of what is happening, that would be helpful to the IT folks trying to resolve the issue.

shadowlock9 12-22-2013 11:06 PM

hey im not a regular user but
hey im not a regular user but,
my feance is , im an aspiring web auther, 1 thing that true no matter what you think you know and makes sure to tell who ever is incharge of both server and web design ok, is ADS use multiple kinds of script and no , i mean no one trouble shoots thos ads exept to remove , start from scratch at the drawing bord and you should be able to find the ad or ads that are causing the script issues , if i were to present a site like this for a college exam i would fail becaus of one thing to many errors , as my teacher always said , a good website is oe that can EASLY not difficult to use hope that helps , im just realy frustrated watching my feance try and try and try and try into insanity to use yer site so yeah tell tech suppurt to stop giving you exusses and fix it cause obviosly what there doing is not working
hope you have a good day
sincely frustrated and trying not to chew on anyone srry if i offend ,
(just realy frustrated) :confused::mad:

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