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mnorto3 08-02-2012 03:11 PM

FitDay Comparison
I have been a FitDay user for years. Back in 2006, I lost 35 lbs thanks to this tool and have kept it off until now.

However, I have been looking at other sites ( and although I like some of the nice features of FitDay (mood tracking, etc.) I was very impressed on other sites how easy it was to search for foods.

When I typed in what I ate for breakfast, on myfitnesspal, my first two or three options had what I was looking for. In fitday, I had to scroll through several pages to finally find what I wanted. Here is an example:

Egg (1 whole fried egg)
Sausage (Pork, 2 links)
Toast (Wheat, 1 slice)
Orange Juice

Note: This was on both the Classic and the 2.0.

I'm wondering what other people think that have experienced. I also like the other because it has an Android app, which would keep me with fitday forever!

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