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Old 02-12-2014, 04:38 PM   #31
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I'm using Windows 8, Internet Explorer 11, and not getting any response when I try to add a just-created custom food to my food log. Tried twice, and so I'm pretty sure I'm not saving that custom food either.

I can go to Chrome (which I will do) but I wanted to report the problem. It's one of those 'dead in the water' situations where you can't do anything with the custom food. I can enter this post, though, as you can see.
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Can you try to switch to classic mode and see if you can add food from there?
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Old 02-12-2014, 06:21 PM   #33
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Yes, Tyen, it does work well in classic. In fact, compared to 2.0, classic is a ferarri next to a Honda Civic!

However, when I thought about switching to classic in IE, I thought it had to be done with 'settings.' I went to 'settings' and nothing happened. I didn't get anything but a kind of static advertisement. That's when I went to profile, realized that it is the place to change to classic, changed to classic and had no problems creating my custom food and adding it. Everything in that selection worked much faster than in 2.0. Go figure. I don't know what happened in 'settings' here in classic. But adding my custom food worked great.

Another development: I went back to 'settings' to see if I get just the static advertisement again. I did. So then I went to food log and all of a sudden, I'm back in 2.0. Bounced me back there...

And now, even more bizarre: I'm using Chrome, logging in and here I am in Classic again!

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