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Kathy13118 02-04-2015 02:18 PM

I didn't know about that ctrl+F move. Thanks

Does this happen in every browser? (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.?)

David1946 02-04-2015 03:07 PM

Thanks Roxy.. I have not given up on trying to solve what seems to be long lived problem for some if not most of the FitDay PC users. Tried a new approach this morning. I went into Control Panel / Programs & Features (Win 7 Home) and deleted FitDay. Checked with WIN Explorer... Sub-directory, executable and database files all gone. I then re-installed FitDay v2. Something very interesting happened. When I first installed v2 yesterday, the install routine asked me if I wanted to incorporate old data in the new v2 application. Said yes. Yesterday, as part of my testing, I created a new account and added three items (see previous post, this thread).
Fast forward to today and the new "clean" download. Not so clean. Apparently, when I created the "new" account, that information was preserved by FitDay in the cloud. The reason I say this is the new "clean" load with no previous databases anywhere somehow has my three test foods in the Custom Foods. The db file name created is "common". The only way I can figure that this data was found by the install routine is it exists in the cloud at FitDay.
Now.... Why is this a key to solving this problem? It is my belief (I am a programmer) that the problem with Custom Foods not automatically alphabetizing lies in the executable source code that is generated during the install process. If you include your old data, no matter what you try, Custom Foods will NOT alphabetize. To make matters worse, when I downloaded FitDay v2 today, the question of using previous data was NOT presented. The download app found the Custom Foods created yesterday and continued on it's merry way. It transferred the cloud data to a database (.fdb) file on my PC. So in effect, the install automatically answered the question of whether or not I wanted old data included, which I think may be the culprit in this whole alphabetizing issue.
I am going to ask Tech Support for help and see if they can find / delete the cloud based Custom Foods that is attached to my name. My goal is a truly "clean" PC v2 install with no previous data anywhere. If Custom Foods suddenly starts sorting, then I probably have found the long sought after solution. If not, I will probably go outside and break something.
Will keep everyone posted on the results.

David1946 02-04-2015 04:04 PM

Other Custom Food Sort Threads
FYI.. The following Forum threads are also questioning why Custom Foods is not sorting itself in alphabetical order:
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Kathy13118 02-05-2015 02:47 PM

Never mind about my browser question. This is happening in the PC version, right?

David1946 02-05-2015 03:32 PM

If you are referring to the alphabetizing issue, the correct answer is YES.


David1946 07-02-2016 01:47 PM

New Year, Same Song
I was so frustrated with the inability to alphabetize the Custom Foods list, that I gave up (Feb 2015). Fast forward about 17 months. Tried something new yesterday, July 1, 2016. I re-purchased Fitday PC V2 under a new name so that Fitday would have absolutely no record connected to my name. Good news... The Custom Foods list was completely empty. BAD news... It still will not alphabetize entries.
Last year I tried repeatedly to start a dialog with their Tech Support. Gave them my email ( as well as my home phone (314 434-3529). I am still waiting to hear anything from them. Does Fitday really have a Tech Support? Is there anyone at Fitday listening to the WEB chatter or Tech Support requests? This problem is one that even I could fix if I had access to their source code, which of course will never happen. But talking to a Fitday programmer (assuming one still exists) would be giant step forward in resolving this long standing issue.
Is anyone out there reading this??? If so, how can I grab Fitday's attention?

David1946 07-04-2016 01:29 PM

Custom Foods Alpha Bug
Tried a slightly different approach. If FITDAY will not respond to my pleas, then maybe their parent company, Nutrition Software, might respond. Send them an email yesterday outlining this problem and begging for someone to communicate with. Now in the "Wait and see" mode. Will keep posting any progress or lack there of.

David1946 07-08-2016 02:16 PM

Posting Correction
My previous post stated that the parent company for FitDay was NUTRITION SOFTWARE. Wrong. Let me try again. Parent company WEB page is Internet Brands, Inc. – Contact Us Sorry for the confusion. :mad:

David1946 07-08-2016 02:29 PM

Interesting thing just happened. My previous post had the full email address for reaching Internet Brands/Contact Us. That URL was automatically deleted and replaced with just their name. Guess they don't want users contacting them. Let me try this: start with the usual "w w w." (only without the spaces) and then add "internet brands" (with NO space) and then the usual ".com" followed by a "/contact-us/"
Hopefully this posting will not be automatically re-written by FitDay.

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