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alexbsa 05-16-2012 05:50 PM

Some issues
Got to your great site by recomendation of the fitness for geeks book. I have the following problems that make me think twice before forking out the cash to go premium (even if I already bought the iphone app):

1.- Using kilos as a unit and setting my base profile at 100kilos, the thing wouldnt properly calculate BMI. I had to go to pounds and then it worked.

2.- Couple of days ago, I logged psylum husk as food. It seems to have 0 calories. This, for some reason (at least i think thats the reason), has effectively blocked me from the food reports and parts of the food section.

3.- I swim, and its okay that I can log my swimming activity as soft (50 yds/min) or hard (75 yds/min). But it strikes me as really odd: who on earth knows how many yards per minute do they swim? Pools are either semiolympic (25 mts) or olympic (50 mts), so it was a bit cumbersome to figure out if i was swimming "hard" or "soft"... I recomend you use meters as that would be very easy to calculate right off the bat (most swimmers know how many seconds it takes them to do one 50 mts lap).

So of all of this, all are resolved to my satisfaction except the food section. I can log food, but i can see no graphs. Please fix this. I think its related to psylum plantago being a 0 cal intake thing and this is sending your code ballistic. Fix it, and I will subscribe (i like it a lot).

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