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Gruviechik 05-16-2012 03:52 PM

More Variety in calorie data
Just let me start by stating that FitDay has been a vital and wonderful tool. I love the site and wouldn't be posting if I wasn't invested in it's growth. I have to ask, though....will users ever have a comprehensive database of brands/franchises to search from? If a one eats at Buffalo Wild Wings for example, and wants to sample an array of wings, does the user seriously have to log in and custom enter each item? I know FitDay has SOME brands, but it is a woefully small count by comparison.

There have been many times I searched for a well known item on FitDay only to have to search "MyFitnessPal" or "Livestrong" to find the information (if it's not already on the brand site). Why do that when it would be easier to jump the FitDay ship and start fresh with a competitor that offers this option? I love Fitday and don't want to leave after such a long time of use but at this point, over the evolution of FitDay, shouldn't there be much more integrated, varied and accessible data?

I am waiting to see if this issue is addressed. Once it is, I will be upgrading to a Premium account without hesitation.

VitoVino 05-16-2012 04:09 PM

There have been many inquiries about the food database. Many have requested more restaurant/fast foods before. Some have pointed out errors in the Nutritional Facts of a specific food. I've never seen any replies from the employees of IB addressing these things. :(

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