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likeche 10-10-2014 04:15 PM

Call for improvements
I have been using Fitday for about a week now after switching from "". I switched because MFD was costing me $9.99/month and premium Fitday is half that. And of course their are some big and small differences. But I'd mainly like to address Fitday improvements I can recommend.
The first area relates to time consumption. Any thing that would reduce the time required for daily food entries would be immensely helpful. This is one of the reasons I periodically stopped using Myfooddiary.

I'll start this "improvements thread" with the following:

Their are many places on the web that I can find that have more detailed and specific info on foods (especially meals, e.g. chicken picatta). It is very easy to copy and paste whole nutrition data from these sites and paste into a spreadsheet. Fitday needs to develop a food entry format where by the spreadsheeet data can be dragged into fit day so that users don't have to enter each item manually.

likeche 10-13-2014 09:19 PM

Two additional improvements I'd like to see:
1.) at the bottom of my daily food entry show me a symbol, or icon to show whether I have met : :D exceeded: :mad: or approaching the limit of :rolleyes:
The Recommedned daily allowances of various nutrients such as fats, calories from carbohydrates, sodium, etc. Things that I should be eatching.

Also, at the bottom of the food entry table, show me how many calories I have left at any given point (like after lunch) before I hit my calorie target limit. For example, if my weight reduction target limit is 2300 cal/day and by lunch completion I have consumed 1100 calories, FitDay would show me that I am allowed 1200 more for the day before I exceed my target.

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