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garrettjasti 02-27-2013 10:20 PM

fitness band called Amiigo
Hey I ran into Amiigo Bracelet about a few months ago and wanting to share what I know of it. Ever since then I have been doing research on it. I found out that it is water proof which means you can swim with it. Not only can you swim with it, but it tracks what you are doing. I think I read somewhere that it is able to track any type of exericise because it uses technology similiar to the kinect (xbox 360). I been reading that it tracks push ups, sit ups, running, swimming, jogging,pulls ups, walking, steps, calories, heart rate(I think), and any type of exercise. I asked them if it does insanity and it can do it. Well I read it goes through bluetooth and pairs up to there app(android and iPhone). I even read hackers are welcomed. Anyway what do you guys think of this when it comes out in june. Will you get one? Do you think it could change fitness bracelets for ever? Do you think the price is resonable too?

Am I able to post the link? Because if not google "amiigo fitness band" the site is indiegogo

PS: I am not affiliated it to them at all. I am just spreading their knowledge out.

If their is a fitness gadget section please move there. thank you.

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