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behaze 03-07-2011 03:32 AM

Ah, 30kgs seems more like it. And yeah, I use kilos, too, so I have to get on a converter to post here so everyone knows what I'm talking about. It's okay with smaller numbers to give it a rough 2lbs per kg, but when you get into bigger numbers, the difference is so much more vast, hey?

What kind of dancing do you do?

And I know what you mean about getting restless now - I've only been back into the exercise for a few weeks now, but I had three days off over the weekend; by Sunday night, I was all twitchy and my muscles ached from not being used - so tired by 11pm, but full of unused energy. I probably could have removed my butt from the computer chair and done something constructive - instead, I chose to complain about it in hopes of gaining a sympathy massage. :p No, by the way, it didn't work.

Familiarity - not sure (ever been to Australia? :D). Probably the 'you look like a celebrity' choice. Although I'll join the ranks of not knowing which one.

How is your tummy coming along with Insanity, now? Is it getting a little smaller? Still too early to tell?

I've read up a fair bit on nutritional requirements for this program, and everything says you need more food, more food, more food. I guess I'll just see how it goes and, of course, up the intake because I know 1000 isn't enough and probably isn't right now with the exercise I'm currently doing. I'll have a look through the nutritional guide and see how I can tweak it - generally food guides from exercise videos contain some ingredients that are hard to get in Australia, or ridiculously expensive, where it is much more readily available/affordable in America.

Well, an average KFC meal contains 1000 calories. I'd be happy to have a finger lickin' dinner every night if 999 of those calories weren't derived from fat . . . :D

My copy of P90X was won last night on eBay, so I'll probably have it by the end of the week. I am so very much looking forward to it. I'll have to do some before and after pics, too.

zaldabus 03-08-2011 09:45 PM

I'm part of two dance teams, hip hop and salsa, and I also do social dance competitively. While they do require a high level of flexibility and body control, compared to exercise like Insanity and P90X the physical effort necessary is very low, so these days its more of my recovery period than anything.

You're from Australia? Cheers! Never been to Australia, but we do a lot of international work with Australia over here. I had a chance to go over to Australia a few months back to work as an interpreter, but they wanted me to use my own vacation days and pay for the plane ticket. Um... I'm not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money to work, thank you very much.

I just did my monthly pictures yesterday, and it looks like I'm making progress. It's really hard to say though as February was a killer month with Valentine's celebrations, my birthday, a big conference, and getting a stomach virus which knocked me out of fitness commission for a week and a half. I just did the Insanity Fit Test though and it seems like I've made substantial progress, so we'll see how it goes from here on.

Definitely don't recommend skimping on nutrients. I'm guessing your overall goal is to look better, not simply lose body mass. At 1000 calories a day, for awhile you will be losing kilos fast, but then all that stress on your body will catch up on you and you'll start looking like a half dead skeleton, plus then you'll have to work double hard to regain all that lost muscle. I wouldn't even recommend 1000 calories for a non-exercise day unless you were like a tiny 130cm person with no metabolism. What exactly are your goals anyway?

I have the same problem with finding certain ingredients. On the plus side I can get a lot of my food from local sources which is way better than most of the food people get at big supermarkets. I didn't follow the diet plan myself. I did my own research and came up with a flexible plan where I could use easily obtainable ingredients. Also, the first month or so I nearly doubled my grocery bill by trying a bunch of new foods. I figured it was an investment in my health and that my body was more important than some money. My grocery budget has since stabilized, but I wouldn't be afraid to try some new things just because they may seem expensive.

Cheers on getting your DVD's. If you need any advice, there are plenty of people on this forum who can give you some.

behaze 03-09-2011 02:29 AM

Oh, I'd love to learn to salsa properly! It sounds like you're super active. When do you find time to sleep?! :D

The DVDs arrived yesterday, which I was hugely surprised with, considering the paypal payment hasn't cleared yet. I'd been asking the seller a few questions about his experience doing p90x, so his reason for sending them so quickly was because my enthusiasm to start gained his trust (and if he'd looked at our feedback, most of them say 'fast payment', anyway). So I spent yesterday reading the guides and watching the 'How to Bring It' DVD. The nutritional guide doesn't seem hard to follow, so I'll incorporate some of their dinners into our menu and see how we go with that. I've asked a few people about whether they've followed the diet plan, and very few have. I guess I'll just continue stocking the fridge and pantry with good food and say 'NO!' to junk. (As a side-note, I finally tried cottage cheese the other day, because I know lots of people on a healthy diet eat that. Eugh! Not for me.) The past few days, I've also been adding a few calories to my diet (extra veggies, a piece of toast with my breakfast poached egg, just a bit here and there) and have discovered something extraordinary . . . more energy! Who'd have guessed? Plus, I lost 1.7kgs in the last week, so it hasn't had an adverse effect.

I also went out this morning and bought some equipment (resistance bands, the push-up bars (I have girly-weak wrists), a HRM and - hold onto your hat - I found a pull-up bar which doesn't require screws for $10!), so I'm all set to go. We're starting it on Monday so the rest day falls on a Sunday - plus, it's our 10yr anniversary on Friday and I plan to have a few drinks - alcohol is being severely cut back for the 90 days of the program (oh, wine and cider, I shall miss thee).

Goals? Well, when I started diet and exercise seriously, I weighed just over 72kg (fortunately for me, I carry it well, except for the baby belly). That was four weeks ago. I've been doing between one and two hours five days a week of Tae Bo, New York City Ballet, Zumba (yep, love that!), Pilates and high-impact aerobics, which has seen me lose just over 5kgs in 4 weeks. I lost weight through exercise a few years ago and got down to 49-50kgs, but I think that's too skinny (though I was muscular - I remember going indoor rock climbing one day and I heard onlookers saying, while I was climbing the underneath of a horizontal wall, 'wow! look at the muscles on her back!' That was a good feeling). I just want to get down to a healthy BMI of 22, which my Wii Fit tells me is 58kgs, get rid of this tummy, get some muscle definition and mostly, strength. Currently 27yo, 163cm and 67kg.

When your bosses offer to send you over here and PAY for your ticket (the meanies! How dare they tempt you with such a trip, then say you've got to pay for it, and require you to work on your vacation days? :)), definitely come. It's a great place to live and I can see it would be a great place to visit . . . if you discount the recent rash of natural disasters.

So come on, let's see your newest pics! :p

behaze 03-14-2011 11:05 PM

Zaldabus, I just read last night about the quakes and the tsunami and the explosions at the power plant over in Japan. I sincerely hope you're okay, and your friends and loved ones are safe and well, too.

Thinking of you at this time.

zaldabus 03-24-2011 08:03 AM

Hey behaze (and anyone else who is concerned),

Just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well. All the stuff that happened in Japan was on the opposite side of the country, so we didn't even know anything had happened until later in the day. Things were a bit hectic for awhile but for the most part things are back to normal now.

Good luck with your exercise. It seems like you're on track and your motivation is running high! I've made a decision to cut Insanity short and will switch to a modified round of P90X for muscle hypertrophy next week. After doing Insanity for about 6 weeks, I have definitely noticed improvement in strength and endurance, but I've noticed a substantial loss in muscle definition. Plus, I've come to the conclusion that the tummy situation is loose skin, and I want to put more focus onto tightening up that area. I've put together a circuit which revolves around P90X with cardio from Insanity and core work P90X, Insanity, and P90X+. In this way I still feel I'll be able to finish up Insanity, and get the muscles I want in time for Summer :)

In addition to my whey protein powder, I've gotten some creatine, glutamine, and ribose (all in powder form). If any one has any other suggestions, supplements or otherwise, I'd love to hear them.

behaze 03-25-2011 04:30 AM

Oh, I missed this new insertion yesterday, so I commented on another post you made today when I saw your name on the screen.

Anyway, I'm so pleased you're okay. I was really getting worried that you hadn't posted in a while (wow, I sound like a nagging girlfriend or something :p).

Six weeks - that time went fast! We're up to the end of the second week of P90X and I gotta say, I feel great. I think I'm just about past that pain barrier. Woo! How motivating is Tony Horton?!

Good luck with your new circuit. Check in from time to time to let me know how it's working for you, and, of course, if your tummy issue improves!


lalagoe 08-12-2011 05:17 PM

Burn belly Burn!
I am 1 year post-baby #2 and have no intentions of having more. My abdomen used to be pretty cute... now there's this little fat pad (as well as some extra loose skin) around my mid-section. I understand that crunches will build muscle - and I've been doing at least 100/day, but how do I burn off that fat? Will crunches help burn fat? Will daily cardio burn this off?
My diet is relatively a healthy one. My carbs are just over 50% and my fat is just over 25% (a little more than I'd like). protein meal bars, fresh fruit/veggies, hummus and veggie wraps, lean chicken (and probably a bit too much pasta) I'm trying to cut back the fat and up my protein a bit... my carbs are usually whole grains.
Any suggestions for diet or exercise to help the midsection? I know I'll never have the abs of my pre-baby body... but I'd like to be able to wear a bikini again someday.:p

butterflybabe1997 08-13-2011 08:33 PM

You should try doing an ab work out DVD. Also try standing leg lifts. Cardio is really good too, what I do is I go and jog two laps around my neighborhood (it's a small neighborhood) and I eat well during the day.

What do you eat?

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