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jimsmith100 09-30-2012 08:26 AM

How many times can you bench-press your bodyweight?
On a standard flat bench load the bar up with your bodyweight rounded to the highest 5 lbs......for instance if you weigh 207lbs load the bar with 210....if you 201 lbs load the bar to 205 etc..and be honest with your weight fellas...once in the bench press position unrack the weight and lower the bar to your chest and press it up, each rep MUST touch your chest and go to nearly full if not full extension to count. NO HALF REPS!!! Do as many reps as you can then post your score......there is no weight adjustment because everyone will be benching their own bodyweight...Also, Video is a must. You have 3 days from the time you post a score to post a video if there is no video posted for your score in that time frame i will reset you score to 0....good luck everyone

The current leader has an amazing 30 reps! Take the challenge today at Bodyweight Bench press for reps challenge on Konkura

jacech8 10-17-2012 05:19 AM

Sadly, I can bench about half my weight ...

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