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almeeker 04-08-2010 02:49 PM

April Pedometer Numbers please.
It's time to report your steps for the first week in April. In a couple days I'll post a little report on how we're all doing. I had 2 days this week under 10K which is unusual for me, but one day waaayyy over. My daily goal is 10K steps and 2K aerobic. If you're pedometer doesn't record aerobic steps don't sweat it, just post what you have - this is mostly for fun and just a tiny bit for accountability.

Okay here goes nothing:

April 1st: 31,514 steps, 16,140 aerobic
April 2nd: 7,590 steps, 1,822 aerobic
April 3rd: 5,642 steps, 2,564 aerobic
April 4th: 12,182 steps, 8,103 aerobic
April 5th: 11,723 steps, 8,282 aerobic
April 6th: 15,537 steps, 10,683 aerobic
April 7th: 15,408 steps, 9,369 aerobic

And yes that 31,514 is correct. That's actually the highest number I've ever put on the thing in a given day, but I ran in the morning, rode the train to Chicago and then we walked all over the city taking in the sites. The next day we were all achy so we took the train. Can you tell?

mandab1 04-08-2010 02:56 PM

geez, I'm almost embarrassed to post my numbers after you! You go wit cha bad self! ;)

My numbers are waaaay low... I really need to get on the ball this week!

April 1st: 4013
April 2nd: 3000
April 3rd: 3619
April 4th: 3002
April 5th: 4817
April 6th: 3095
April 7th: 4791

total: 26,337

almeeker 04-08-2010 11:11 PM

You shouldn't feel too bad about it, my butt is waaayyy bigger, it needs it more than yours. When I first got my pedometer I realized that the difference between my life and a 10,000 step life, is um, a 30 minute run. Now you might think I should have known that, but it took a $20 pedometer to point it out. I try and ride the elliptical every morning for an hour. When I don't make that happen, I go for a one hour walk later in the day.

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