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  • Wow aradwan....
    Quote: Good luck to you. It's good that you are starting now. It is soo easy to say "oh it's just 10 lbs" and then before you know it you are 50 or 100 lbs overweight...I should know. You can do it. Good luck.
    That is quite an impressive record!
    ironjawedangel, welcome and I suspect you are well on your way to peeling those 18 pounds right off. We look forward to seeing your progress.
  • Fresh start? I can only try..
    I'm 17 years old, started out at 198.6 pounds, with my goal weight at 120 pounds (been there before, and I can do it again!). I have some horrible eating habits that I've been working on. I track my food and calories daily in a notebook and now on here. I also slack off when it comes to exercise, but I recently bought a Jillian Michaels DVD that I'm going to stick to!
  • Welcome to FitDay! It's so much better to track here than a notebook. How long have you been tracking your food for and what time frame are you giving yourself for your goal?
  • 30 Day Shred?
    Has anyone tried Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred? Just wanted to see if there are any success stories out there with her DVD. I've done two days on level one, but I'm not going to start the actual 30 day routine until Monday as my bf and I are doing a water cleanse this weekend. Tell me your thoughts!!
  • I'm on level 1- day 2
    I'll weigh and measure in 10 days so I'll see the results.
    I've already crossed a level 1 a year before and can say that it was visible results.
    This time I hold to the end!
  • Hello All!
    i'm starting the 30 day shred today. i'm curious how sore i'll be after the exercise and how soon i should see the results, considering i'm used to exercising.
    is anyone else doing the work out?
  • i'll have to bring this thread back up.

    anyone doing 30 day shred and gaining weight?
    i'd love to think that it's all muscles but that would just be to good to be true.

    i started on sunday with level one and have been doing it everyday except monday when i have zumba course. i definitely did not eat more than before, i was conscious about my food and reduced carbs as i did before to lose weight. i lost 15 lbs this year with low carb alone (166 to 151 lbs) but gained back about four after too many carbs on business trips and birthday parties. now i am back to low carb for a while and started the shred but the weight doesn't go down.

    so on sunday i started with 156 lbs and i gradually went up to 157.5 lbs today.
    i do feel an effect. i feel stronger and the exercise is becoming easier, which is cool. i don't think i have lost any inches, though.

    any ideas what i could do?
  • A fluctuation of 1.5 pounds is just normal (I can fluctuate 3-4 pounds) depending on water and waste retention. Have you increased your water intake with your increase in exercise. Your body will actually retain water if it thinks it isn't getting enough. Drinking more water will allow your body to not retain as much.

    Have you adjusted your eating to your new workouts? If the deficit between what you eat and what you burn is too great then your body may slow your metabolism and make it harder to lose. I would be inclined to think that your gain is just a normal fluctuation though.
  • thank you for your quick reply!

    ah, probably it's true and i should not worry so much. And i might also do well to drink more. i exercise pretty late, between about 7 and 8 in the evening, so there is not much time afterwards to rehydrate. maybe i should try and find some nice (cold) alcohol-free beer? (supposedly it's even isotonic.)

    i think jillian recommends 1300 kcal but to me this sounds too little. i eat about 1500-1700 kcal, i would say. and none of that alcohol or soda or juice.
  • You are welcome to join us in the 'Did you exercise today?' thread. A great bunch of people who help encourage, motivate and hold each other accountable.

    As far as calories I believe the deficit you achieve is much more important than the amount you eat. If you have set up your profile and log your exercise in the Activities tab Fitday will show you the difference in what you burned and what you ate. If you set up a weight loss goal fitday will calculate the deficit you need to achieve to hit your goal.


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