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Nurski 04-01-2010 11:03 PM

Kick butt Wii routine
Hi all, I am new here and have been working out since mid December when I bought the Wi Fit Plus. It was a good way to get me started but then seemed too easy.

I switched to the Wii EA Active personal trainer. And the weight really started coming off.

I started at 168 and I am down to 155 to 152 ( depends on water weight). 5' 8. And 49 years old. I have REALLY noticed inches coming off and muscles getting bigger.

I set up my own routine that is 50 minutes 38 exercises burns 280 cal. Gives me a 36% Cardi, 36% upper body and 28% lower body workout. I also combined them to work more like interval training. Get the heart rate up then back down.

This seems to be what is working best for me.

I also went to walmart and bought the Gold's Gym resitstance bands for 8 bucks (I use these wth the Wii rather than the weanie band it comes with)The pink, blue, black bands and it came wth a DVD that I use on alternating days that is 38 minutes long and uses the same interval idea. It keeps me from getting bored.

So anyway here is my routine: Burns 280 cal in 50 minutes and works the whole mostly even. I am a little weak on my lower body, I need to increase those exercises to hard but I am not quite there yet.

Run/walk (medium)- medium
Dance fast1- hard
Alternating side lunges- Hard
Alt Bicep curl- hard
Alt Tricep kickbacks-hard
Jump squats-medium
Boxing random- hard
Run (long)- medium
Alt Shoulder presses- hard
Lateral shoulder presses- hard
Side to side jumps-medium
Squats- hard
Dance fast 3-hard
Alt lunges-hard
Squats with calf raises- easy
Run ( long)-medium
Bentover rows-hard
Front shoulder raises- hard
Boxing random-hard
Dance fastest 1- hard
Jump squats-easy
Alt Bicep curls-hard
Alt tricep kickbacks-hard
Bentover rows with alt tricep kickbacks- hard
Targets/heavybag 1-hard
Dance fastest 2-hard
Alt side lunges-medium
Alt lunges-medium
Bentover row-hard
Bicep curls with shoulder presses-hard
Run (medium)-medium

It gets me sweating like you would not believe. Gets my heart rate up in the target zone, then brings it down again, then up again. I do this routine 3 times a week then alt with the DVD 3 days take a day off.

I am also on a balaced diet at around 1600 to 1700 cal a day.

I have stalled a bit the last two weeks. But I can tell it is still building muscle. My goal is 140-145 pounds.

Does anyone else do a routine like this?

Nice to meet ya

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