Exercise Embarassment

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Default Exercise Embarassment

Sometimes when i am working out somewhere, especially in the house, i get embarassed/ this puts me off exercising at home and in gyms etc. Any advice?
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What is it that your are embarrased about? Is it the same thing in each location or something different for the home and the gym?
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I feel the same... I am still really embarassed about gyms (so i just don't go to the gym), but I have sort of gotten over being embarassed at home. My boyfriend and I go for walks every day or so and I just work out at home when nobody else is around. I recently got a belly dancing workout video (so hard!) and the skinny bitch boot camp video to try to motivate myself to do more.

to get over gym anxiety, try going to a smaller gym or working out with a friend. start by just walking on a treadmil for 45 min or so until you become familiar with your surroundings and if you are a little healthier things like weights and crunches and push ups will be easier too.
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Omg. I have this problem all the time, especially in my dorm -_-. One of the girls in my hallway grabbed the bull by the horns and said "Look, I'm doing Zumba, so if you hear stomping, that's what's up". But she lived in a single. I tried working out with a friend once, and everyone came in her room and watched! It was awful. They kept telling me I was doing things wrong, even though I knew I was more fit than the girl I was doing it with.

Gyms make me nervous, too. Last summer I lived with roommates as well, and what I did was go on a trail run as far away from them as I could get. I'd double check to make sure no one was around, and then I'd do my tae bo. Unfortunately, I got a little obsessive XD Now, living at home, my room is in the basement, and it's a lot easier.

Anyway, there are two things to consider: In the gym, everyone's pretty much feeling the same way you do (even those ripped guys, but they think it's all eyes on them for other reasons) but in reality, no one's actually paying attention! People really just focus on themselves. It's more likely that if someone does notice you, they might help correct your form so you don't hurt yourself, which really is not a bad thing. And being at home I just tell myself - even if I look dumb, I'm doing more than someone sitting on the couch! I won't work out at my bf's though, but we go to the Y and swim together, which was fun.

That's the other thing, if you keep it fun, truly fun, like Tae Bo for me, then you won't care because you're loving it. Classes help too. I was so nervous when I went to a Bootcamp class at my local gym, but the trainer yelled at everyone just the same (she was really mean lol) and I ended up loving it. As long as you give all you got, you're no better or worse than anyone else.
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