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bigloser1128 03-25-2010 03:07 PM

Body Bug/Groove users?
Hi everyone! I read in Shape magazine about a movement monitor called a GROOVE, similar to the Body Bug, and wondered if anyone has used either of these products and what your experience with them has been?
They are pricey so I am being cautious about purchasing one until I hear some good reviews. Anyone?

Thank you!

nrh322 03-28-2010 11:15 PM

I don't know anything about the GROOVE, but my husband just bought me a Bodybugg for my birthday. I've been wearing it for about a week now. I haven't had the free coaching sessiong that comes with it yet, so I'm pretty sure that I'm missing out on a lot of its features. I know that there is a food log on the Bodybugg website, but I'm still using the one here...partly because I'd just gotten started here when I got the bugg and partly because the one on the bugg website seems to come pre-filled out with a suggested menu that I'm not following and I haven't figured out how to input my own foods. Otherwise, it seems fairly accurate. I'm not getting a lot of activity in right now because I've been sidelined due to a knee injury. I had recently gotten my RMR tested and the Bodybugg daily calorie counts seem to jive with what I would expect. I have noticed that the pedometer feature seems to be a little off for me but I'm guessing that's because I've been using crutches, etc. so my gait is off. The only really big complaints I have are that it does seem to lose its sync with the monitor (watch) pretty frequently and the monitor (watch) is waterproof/resistant but the bugg isn't...which makes no sense at all! I'm sure I'll have a better idea about things once I've had the coaching session and after I've actually been able to use it through a few real workouts instead of just sitting around the house. I'll post a real review then but wanted to tell you what I knew now in the meantime. I know what it's like to be searching around for information. :)

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