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veglette19 03-14-2010 04:17 AM

What burns the most?
What exercises burn the most calories? I need some kind of variety in my workouts and I don't have much to work with so what should I do to lose weight? I wonder if maybe I should get a gym membership...What do you do to burn TONS of calories?

Lizzycritter 03-14-2010 02:17 PM

The arc trainer kicks my butt, which is similar to an elliptical machine. Stair climbers will kick your butt too. Sounds to me like you are very active already. No matter what you do, it will take time to lose weight :mad:. The faster you lose, the more likely you are to gain it all back. Find a calorie/exercise level you can live with for the rest of your life, not just until the weight comes off.

KimmyRocks 03-14-2010 05:12 PM

activate large muscle groups for the most burn
The largest muscle groups in the human body would be the glutes and quads. Exercise that work those body parts will get you a good number of calories burned per minute. You want to incorporate as many muscle groups as possible to burn the highest number of calories:

Versa-climbers, which work the whole body, burn the most calories. They aren't cheap and might not be easy to find at a gym. Nordic Ski machines (or actually skiing on snow) and rowing machines also burn massive calories. Because your arms, legs and booty are all working, these will get it done.

Swimming, step aerobics, stair climbing, running... all good choices for burning calories. But more important is - what do you enjoy doing?

Although I love the idea of what a versa-climber does for my body, I hate being on it. I'd rather be fat! ;) On the other hand, I love hiking. Burns fewer calories, but I can keep at it much longer and enjoy doing it - so hiking is a better choice for me.

veglette19 03-14-2010 08:19 PM

Well, I love running, walking, hiking, yoga, and the feeling I get after any kind of physical activity. If it doesn't wear me down to the point of huffing and puffing I don't like it because I don't feel it did enough. I love feeling my muscles in pain because although I don't like it very much, its very relaxing to know that its working and the fat will be off soon.....

So...I guess that anything that'll provide a burn and wear me out is more than good for me! lol. I know its kind of a wide range of activities that provides but anything that'll give me a burn and wear me out I LOVE, no joke.

I currently do a run/walk every other day, but I walk every day, no exeptions, no excuses. Also, I do yoga every friday, although I'm thinking about working it in more often, and I'm thinking about working something else in on my walking day as a strength training kind of thing, but I don't belong to a gym or have access to any that causes a problem...

cjohnson728 03-14-2010 08:59 PM

Have you thought about getting a heart rate monitor? I find that mine is an invaluable tool. I can make sure I am in my target heart rate for however many minutes I want to be and it also calculates my calorie burn for each session. It provides a summary at the end of the week of time exercising, total calories burned, and time in each heart rate zone (low, medium, high), and it's all customized to my height, weight, and age. That's helped me identify what activities burn certain numbers of calories, as the estimates on Fitday and other sites are not always accurate for me.

You can pick hand weights up at Walmart or Target or any sporting goods store (1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 lbs. are the most readily available) and develop a strength training program to do at home. There is an old thread (I think in the Exercise section) entitled "Weight Training for Girly Girls" that I started in order to ask for help in doing that; there is some good advice in there. You can also check out the library for books that have sample programs, and I'm sure there are some on the internet.

HuggieGirl 03-14-2010 10:50 PM

I just started trying to lose weight. I have about 60 pounds to work off and its a bit depressing to think of that. I go to school and do quite a bit of walking but I don't like this "speed walking". I have just had some minor surgery, taking meds for HRT and the "frosting on the cupcake"? I now have high blood pressure, which I am starting to take meds for as well. I tend to get bored with regular routine type excerises but can't afford a gym membership. Any suggests for me? :)

almeeker 03-15-2010 01:54 AM

Sex burns like 900-1000 calories per hour, and well it's lots of fun...

Okay now seriously, when I want a really good, yet fun workout and I'm bored with the whole running thing, I put on my headphones, turn the music up loud, close the curtains and dance. You don't have to be any good, you just have to move for a whole song, and then another and another. Sometimes I clean the house at the same time and other times I'll do the same move for a whole song. Believe me if you twist side to side for the 3:45 minutes that it takes to listen to the Twist, your sides will feel it tomorrow. And guess what? Music is relaxing and just might help your blood pressure a little too.

DJBlankenship 03-15-2010 04:35 PM

[QUOTE=almeeker;5900]Sex burns like 900-1000 calories per hour, and well it's lots of fun...

ok so that covers about 200 calories for me lol:D

Built 03-15-2010 07:38 PM

Huggie: Sorry you're hitting a rough patch right now with your health but glad you're starting to take charge of your health. If your MD has cleared you for exercise, there are lots of options: DVDs (start with beginners and work your way up), some community rec centers have good rates on classes if you're the social type, walking (which you already said you don't like but it is free), save up for a treadmill, stationery bike, or elliptical or look into something affordable on Craigslist. If you can find a friend that is looking for a workout partner, that can help you both stay accountable. Cardio combined with good nutrition can help lower bp significantly, so I hope you keep trying new things 'till you find a good fit. Good luck!

Lizzycritter 03-15-2010 10:40 PM

If you don't own weights: soup cans weigh about a pound each. You can take old water bottles and fill them with sand. Get creative, you don't have to buy dumbbells. (with my carpal tunnel the soup cans are actually more comfortable to hold lol)

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