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Default 5th month = april

5/6 month - april
1/4 week (01-08 april)

01.04 sun = 263kcal = swimming freestyle laps:30' (my ambition is to swimm 5mins of warm up and them 25mins without stop)
02.04 mon = 338kcal = hard construction work outside house:45' (hard espacially for my back but I think I will be alright :>)
03.04 tue = 626kcal = soccer competetive:50' (i havent tired that much - maybe my condition is better or maybe i did only 90% of efforts)
04.04 wed = rest day
05.04 thu = rest day: my ribs are bit injured so I decided to make a pause today
06.04 fri = rest day: my ribs are bit injured so I decided to make a pause today
07.04 sat = 307kcal = swimming freestyle moderate: 35' (i had to try to do something, my ribs didnt hurt so much but next few days I think I will pass exerciseses)
08.04 sun = rest day: again day without working out - not only the ribs but also holidays

4 days workouts and 4 days out. I know its because of my ribs but still it looks bad. At least my eating still looks good. This week my ribs should be ok so I will be back on the wagon

2/4 week (09-15 april)

09.04 mon = rest day: shit;/ i got fever and dont feel very well
10.04 tue = rest day: shit;/ i got fever and dont feel very well
11.04 wed = rest day: shit;/ i got fever and dont feel very well
12.04 thu = rest day: shit;/ i got fever and dont feel very well
13.04 fri = 626kcal = soccer: 50' (ok, i finally feel better and can get back after almost 2 WEEKS WITHOUT WORKING OUT )
14.04 sat = 976kcal = moving from 1 house to another: 2h (i was helping a friend of mine to move all the furniture to another place - lots of heavy stuff to move)
15.04 sun = 350kcal = swimming freestyle moderate speed: 40' (at least I swimm regularly - and I still love it :>)

well this week was even worse than last one because I ate some sweets almost every day ;/ exercising you ask? 3 days and 4 days without- but that is because my health.
I am still bit sick but hopefully I will be able to workout !

3/4 week (16-22 april)

16.04 mon = 8kcal = HIIT workout YURI: 1,5' (only 1 minute cause sudennly I had to get out of the house :/ but I was ready for at least 12mins)
17.04 tue = 751kcal = soccer competitive: 60' (lately I do only soccer and swimming ;/)
18.04 wed = rest day
19.04 thu = rest day
20.04 fri = rest day
21.04 sat = 350kcal = swimming freestyle: 40' (I am getting better, now I can swimm freestyle almost non stop for 30mins. I slowly am trying to learn butterfly)
22.04 sun = rest day

this week is after all very bad. I am healthy and yet I trained only twice. Good thing is that I am eating pretty nice.
Ok but this week I am starting some running or if there is bad weather I will do some home workout.

4/4 week (23-30 april)

23.04 mon = 175kcal = jogging: 20' (finally I did workout in monday. And this is my first day of regular running :> I hope :>)
24.04 tue = 751kcal = soccer : 60' (as always I was completely wasted :>)
25.04 wed = rest day: (as planned I have a rest day :>)
25.05 thu =

holy shit, it's 14th of may 2012 as I write this sentence. Its been like almost 3 weeks since I stopped writing down my fit challenge. Well, its probably because there is nothing to write. I still eat pretty clean, but my training routine is gone. I was tired, then I got sick, then life happened and so on and so on...
But today is monday, I have some workout and I want to start one more time!
After all if I start one more time then I quit, I cant lose right?

So there will be no summary of the month. I lost that battle. But I still can win the war! Lets fucking do this - there are only two weeks to finish new month

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Default 6th month - may 2012

there is no special rules.
only eat clean (decently) and move however

6/6 month - may
3/4 week (14-20 may)

14.05 mon = 300kcal = carrying heavy objects : 30' (I had some hard carrying with helping my dad around the house today)
15.05 tue = 400kcal = basketball one-on-one : 40' (instead of soccer at the gym. it was fun. havent played this game for a while)
16.05 wed = 263kcal = swimming freestyle laps : 30' (it was great to be back in the water)
17.05 thu = planned rest day (probably tommorow will have one too, cause saturday and sunday will be lots of movement)
18.05 fri =94kcal = walking : 30' (i just gone for some extra walk)
19.05 sat = 1239kcl = dancing at the wedding : 180' (i put app. 3h cause i was dancing like all the wedding- it probably was much more than that but still it is huge number)
20.05 sun = 113kcal = dancing at the weddings afterparty : 30' (we did few slow songs on the floor :>)

it was pretty nice week. I didnt do perfect but it wasnt bad either. Next week should be great weather so I hope to use it well :>

4/4 week (21-31 may)

21.05 mon = 84kcal = basketball- shooting baskets : 15' (not much movements but I am very tired after week so it is success anyway that I got out of the house)
22.05 tue = 876kcal = soccer at the gym : 70' (it was very hard for me - I guess I am still bit tired after wedding)
23.05 wed = rest day : (its ok to have rest day once in a while, plus my legs are in pain still)
24.05 thu = 300kcal =tennis singles :30' (I love tennis but its hard to find friend, time and place for playing it. Maybe since next week me and my tennis opponent will start regularly matches, will see)
25.05 fri = 273kcal = bodyweight training + shooting baskets alone :16'+20' (well i did workout while in job, very nice but I dont think I will be able doing it often. Baskets nice as always although one vs one is more fun)
26.05 sat = 961kcal = bicycling twice + volleyball on the beach:18'+18'+80' (i drove by bike to work and back which was nice exercise. Plus it was great weather here so we play some volleyball on sand. it was great :> tommorow swimming :>)
27.05 sun = 281kcal = water activities :38' (i did some swimming freestyle laps but also I was learning turns - lots of water in my nose, but I am getting better at it :>)
28.05 mon = 50kcal = pullups and pushups :5' (it all took 22mins but only 5' was pure exercising. Anyway I began two workout plans. One is for doing 8 pullups, the other for 100 pushups. Today I manage to do:
- 5sets of chinups: 4/2/2/0/0 - after a real chinup I was moving down slowly with chinup position
- 5 sets of counter pushups: 17/10/10/15/12)
29.05 tue = 876kcal = soccer :70' (awesome and yeah I still got huge muscle soring after yesterday)
30.05 wed = 801kcal = tennis :80' (I was pretty tired :> and I STILL got sorning muscle so tommorow I call it off day)
31.05 th= planned rest day: (I need some rest, my whole upper body is hurting :>)

summary of the month:
Ok not exactly month but only two weeks of it, cause first two weeks I was lazing around. But I am very happy to be back. I finished strong! I was working out hard this last two weeks with only 3 days of rest in this 18 days.

So lets see some numbers:
- according to fitday I burned 6911kcal=810g of fat/1,73kg of carbs/prots = which is like WOW - cardio did the job :>
- I trained 15 days - half a month
- I dont know about my weight cause I dont have working scale - I might lose some though, but I think I also lost some muscle - I can see it in the mirror.
- my waist gone down by 1/2cm - depends on the time of measurements :>

So this is sixth month and it is the end of this challenge.
I guess I should write some finall thoughts...

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Keep up the great work!
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thanks a lot Pam
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So, half of a year has past since I wrote my first post on this thread.

The best thing I got from this challenge is EATING MORE CLEAN THEN EVER. Yes, its true. I cut out lots of junk food from my menu and I am eating more veggies and fruits than ever before in my entire life. I still got problems with eating enough proteins without using powders, but that is something for future consideration.

Also my belly went down few inches so that a success as well

Anyways just wanna say that this site and people here were a great thing to come across. I found here usefull tools and also read inspiring and instructive posts.

I am going to be out for a little while now - got other things to deal with. But I hope I will keep my eating clean and exercise as much as I can. Maybe one day I will write some words how am I doing.

I wish you all great lives with complacency and lots of smile everyday.
Cheers my fitday-fellows
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