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ManyARambling 08-13-2011 03:47 AM

Student With No Time!
Alright so I'm a senior in high school and I only have one more week of summer (through which I've been eating healthy and working out for at least an hour each day). But with school starting I'll have less time to do normal work out ruitines. I'm in band and have marching practice two times a week, football games every Friday, theatre practice at least once a week, community service and church on the weekends, and I'm signed up for 3 college classes this year (which means loads of homework). I take a Zoomba class on Saturdays but I feel like that won't be enough. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fit in my normal exercise ruitines into my newly cramped week?

jackdup 08-13-2011 07:30 AM

You sound pretty active to me.
Check your caloric intake here choose moderately active
Then write down everything that you ingest during each day and use FITDAY to log and calculate your carbs, fats, and protein

lalagoe 08-13-2011 12:54 PM

As an active teenager, you may not need to squeeze in vigorous workouts into your already busy schedule. Make sure you stick to eating healthy - this is hard to do for people that are always on the go and out of the house. Pack healthy snacks and eat sensible meals.
If you insist on keeping up an exercise routine, perhaps you can squeeze in 20 minutes of a workout just before or after school a few times a week. But don't over do it.
It sounds as though you're very active already. Keep your academics and and your school activities FIRST. Don't tire out with tough workouts and bail on your other more important endeavors.
You'll really need to be tough on yourself to stick to a workout routine when you get to college!! That's when it's really going to count.

Kathy13118 08-13-2011 05:00 PM

You sure are active, but it sounds like you got the ball rolling with Zumba and you like the fitness efforts you've been making.

Best thing I have found for fitness, no time, and not much space needed for it: Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises. They give you a plan. You stick to it: it's a set of basic exercises you can do in one room, with just enough room to do a push-up, for example, and over a period of weeks, they gradually increase the number of reps until you are doing quite a few! I'd skip the jumping jacks if you feel they are too noisy and take too much space.

rmdaly 08-15-2011 08:53 PM

With all that you do, you must use a planner of some type to organize everything. I like to plan my week on Sunday evening and when I do that I also decide when and what kind of workouts I am going to do for the following week and I can get a feel for how hectic my days are going to be.

What you could do, either daily or weekly is look at your schedule and figure out when, what, and how long you can exercise. Don't plan a 2-hour workout if you are going to be out of the house until 10pm. It probably won't happen. But you might be able to fit in a 20-minute run or walk sometime in the day. The more you do this, the more you will realize what works and what doesn't. For me, planning to do things in the evening don't work unless I plan them with someone else because I easily talk myself out of it.

Good luck. Have a good school year and be sure to get enough sleep.

ManyARambling 08-16-2011 03:58 AM

Thank ya'll for the responses. I'm gonna check out the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises and buy a day planner to get organized. :)

redninja2 10-17-2011 12:30 PM

You can do a workout in around 30 minutes with supersets. For example 3 sets of dumb bell squats & dumb bell shoulder press, 3 sets of bench press & deadlift, 3 sets of renegade rows and dips. Or could do a quick circuit of 8 exercises, 1 set each without much break or use a home gym kit.

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