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Default Too Much? NO WAY!

Originally Posted by darthweasel View Post
Typically I stick to my regular schedule; every other day 1 hour on stationary bike at between 160 and 200 watts, 1/2 hour on weights.

This resultes in working out 3 times one week, 4 times the next in alternating patterns. All well and good, the progress is quick and obvious...tail end of June a machine I could do one set of 110 pounds and one set of 100 now sees me doing 1 set at 140, 2 at 130 adn 1 at 120. Fair enough.

But last week we did a 46 mile bike ride on my "off" day, I still did gym the next day, then played an hour of tennis the next two off days. Then another 40 mile bike ride Saturday, regular gym Sunday, and took Monday off.

Regular gym Tuesday and tonight the weather was so gorgeous I went for another ride.

At the 15 mile mark I felt a change, at the 20 mile mark my legs were just dead. Ironically, I still was doing 15 mph the last 16 miles (we only averaged 14.6 and 14.3 on the 40 milers) but my legs were more rubbery post-ride than they typically are after longer rides.

I cannot help but think it might be a bit too much in a row...that even though the rides on Saturdays and tonight were "pleasure rides" rather than designed for weight loss/improved fitness that they might be somewhat counterproductive.

I am interested in what others think on this. I am tempted to just do the weights tomorrow and rest my legs...I think that is the wise course. But then again, I am no expert on the matter...jury?
Our bodies tell us when we need to rest; the challenge is to listen.

I do 90 minutes of cardio 30 minutes high intensity and an hour of low impact plus 30 minutes resistance every day a 2 hour workout. I rest every 10 days or so.
I play tennis, bike, swim as well.
I lost 20% body fat, 65 lbs and went from fat to peak fitness.
I eat 3500 calories daily to lose 1 lb a week and eat 4000 to maintain.

It took a little over year, but the results speak for itself.

Again, I was told by every "expert" that I do too much, and yet, where are they now? No, I enjoy a VERY active life, and I would not trade this for anything.

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