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HGBilbruck 02-19-2010 07:41 PM

Fitness Shoes?
Hey does anyone have a pair of the rocker bottom fitness shoes? If so do you like them, why why not. Do you think they are helping you tone up? I'm thinking about getting a pair since I'm on my feet on concrete floors for about 9 hours a day. If you can give me some feedback I'd appreciate it greatly.

jonism29 02-25-2010 07:53 PM

Walking Shoes
I have had these shoes since september 2009, I love them , I bought the plain white sketcher ones I also work on concrete 9 hours a day and they give me extra cushion for that also I havent noticed any improvement in my but like they show but like legs are definetly showing improvement and my calfs are so tight also I walk 1 hour every morning in these and wear these everytime I put on tennis shoes definetly worth the money you have to shell out for them , I will be definetly getting me a pair when these wear out also the first 3 days I wore these my legs were alittle sore like you just started a new workout also they do take alittle bit maybe a week to get used to them but after that you will love them I due and now my friends have all bought them and wear them at the factory to, the extra cushion is unbelievable I have been changing my lifestyle .

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