Make it fun or else it'll blow...

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Default Make it fun or else it'll blow...

The title is pretty much the truth, at least for me. If I wouldn't have made exercising fun I would have never done it. I hated exercising my whole life but after children it became essential. I incorporate dancing, laughing and competition into my work out regiment and I really see results. What works for you??
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For me, the key thing keeping me on track is convenience - I mostly run and do DVDs, as per my signature. I always resented the time it took to drive/travel, change & shower to go to the gym - usually added at least 45 minutes to the whole thing. 2 hours of my day, every day, was more than I was willing to submit for the sake of my bum.

Mind you, I'm having now to read a bit more about fitness to try to keep things progressive (that's time too!) but hey. I do get bored sometimes... but the things I'd actually like to do (contemporary dance classes; dragon boat racing; skiing, in season) are kind of out of reach financially at the mo, but maybe soon that'll change...

I came across a website linking personality (as defined by MBTI*) to particular activity types, but I guess most people work out their preferences naturally anyway. Mine all fit.

(I know MBTI is fuzzy, but in broad strokes, it makes a kind of sense...)
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I agree 100% - I've been recommending the Kinect games as a supplemental exercise avenue to folks left and right - "Your Shape: Fitness Evolved" is great, and I think I'm going to grab "The Biggest Loser" one like those are a great way to switch things up and combat boredom & monotony!
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I joined groups and gyms and from those I have met some of my best friends.

I joined a running group years ago to train for a 10K, then stayed on to do marathons and triathlons. When you are running for a couple of hours or more, its great to have a group to talk to. Now, I have a core group of 4-6 women who get together to run and compete.

I also have joined gyms over the years. Two guys that I started spinning with 10+ years ago bike with me over the summers. They are still in many of the classes that I go to and its easier to get there knowing I will see them.
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