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Lynzatn 02-17-2010 05:54 AM

Dissing Pain meds
I am only going to take Celebrex 1 week. I had oxycondin for my knee surgery and had a very 'adverse reaction'-so I refuse to ever take it again. So my doc suggested Celebrex which I have never tried. The rumor has it weight gain from this med is averaged 10-100 lbs, depending on how long you take it. I must have strained my rib cartilage doing abs on bosu....good news is I do not have a kidney stone--but it feels like it.

I had my first knee injury and knee surgery in 2009 and gained like 50lbs.
My doctors said pain meds different for everyone. For me the weight gain was really bad, combined with not working out ect.

Share any expertise on how to recover from injuries. I had more then one surgery and the meds are really tough to get out of digestive system. Colon Cleansing is a must after surgeries.

Any pain meds short-term, that do not cause weightgain?

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