Couch to 5K ~ Anyone doing it?

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  • I just started yesterday! It was tough...but I got through. Anyone else doing this?
  • Not now, but I did last year. You will love it; stick with it! It really does turn you into a runner (amateur, of course, but's a great program)

    I was the kid who would play sick on gym days and who was always dead last running the 600-yard dash in school. Now I run 5K twice a week, on average. If I can get there, anyone can.
  • Yesterday was only Week 1, Run 1...I thought I was going to die. LOL The poor kid next to me on the treadmill, not wearing ear buds, probably was all "WTH?" I was breathing so hard! I hope it gets easier. I was - and am - so proud of myself!
  • You can always stretch it out if you need to...some folks repeat weeks just to give themselves a chance to get used to it. I think I did around weeks 4 and/or 5. Just take it at your own pace and you will do it. You've got great motivation and I'm sure you'll have success. It does get easier; you are training your body to get used to it bit by bit.
  • I will repeat weeks if I need to. I don't want to over push myself...that will only make the process less enjoyable...and therefor may make me quit. So as badly as I want to do this in 9 weeks...I'll take 10, 11, 12 or more if I need to! Its a marathon...not a sprint!
  • Hi SmileyAmy, I wrote a long one but i lost it. Bummer.
    BTW, I did this last summer. I had never run a couple feet in my life. I did start in Jun,2010. At the end of the summer I decied to train myself to run 10 miles. By November, I can run 9 miles. To be honest, I love long run. You will find out soon, people call runner's high. It's really amazing. I feel like I can run forever.
    But I didn't run very much in the winter. Now, I train for 13.2 miles in 12 weeks. I run 2-3 times/week and a long run. I have to say, I love running.
    Good luck with your training. You can do it.
  • Thanks Mai!
  • Great job! I've been dipping in and out of this programme for a while. I keep having to take breaks from it because I have feet issues, but it's hugely motivating and fun. Back on it now, @ week 4.

    I always sucked at running - was actually given running as HOMEWORK for gym class when I was a kid! - and am pleased as punch at being able to do it now. Also love that running is free!

    Check out Runner's World for great tips. I agree with those suggesting to stick at a given week if at any point you find it hard going - takes a while for your feet/calves/knees to get used to it.

    Also would say (from my experience of various injuries) to avoid going harder than the programme advises; make sure you have good shoes (see RW for advice on that); switch up terrain to prevent overuse injuries - run on concrete as little as poss, if you can; and check form (at eg RW, again). Oh yeah and running outside is more difficult than the treadmill - no shame in staying on the mill for a while (if you do want to run outside, I'd go back a week). And strength training on off days can help with joints too.

    Awesome, happy running!
  • Yeah my church is doing it. Of course it is participate at will but I would love to do it. I have some health problems but if I lose ALL my weight by next year maybe I can run just a few hundred yards. That would even by nice. They all have my support.
  • You mentioned the couch to 5k and at first i was like "you do that. im not" but I looked it up and im starting it on tuesday! Very excited, but you said it was HARD. Am I going to die on tuesday? lol.

    Lastri's response it what sold me on the program. I'm glad you (lastri) love running soo much or I may not be doin it!


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