Mountain biking?

  • Any other Mt. bikers out there?

    Spending more time on my bike was one of my spring equinox resolutions.
    I finally got a couple of hours in with a small group of women out of one of the local bike shops, and it was wonderful.

    I still have the strength to climb the hills, (mostly due to running and weights), but man, the technique needs some work ! I'm hoping to make it a weekly thing. I really love it, and we have a great park near by, but it is a little more of an ordeal to get going than a run is.

    It would be great if there were a couple of other folks out there to talk to and prod each other on.

  • DH & I both have mountain bikes, but alas no mountain to go with it. I'm hoping to pull them out soon, we've just today gotten some decent weather. We're hoping to upgrade the kids' bikes and make it a fam activity this year. So I'll be putting in a call to the Easter Bunny about that.
  • I think of it as "trail riding" actually. We do have mountains around, but most of the time I'm just riding locally.

    I hope the Easter Bunny is amemable to the bike idea. I definitely think that biking is one of the all time great family activities.
  • I rode bike a lot when I was youger, but never do mountain biking. I am not that confindence to go over log and rock and things like that. I used to ride in Saigon, Vietnam, so I rather ride on a nice smooth trail. I have W&OD near by. I thought about ride bike more this summer.
  • Go for it Mai!

    In southern California it is far more dangerous to ride on the street. The dirt trails can be a little challenging and to be honest, you can get hurt. But nothing as dangerous, or as life threatening, as getting hit by a car.
  • I've got a mint condition Diamondback Apex I bought for around $500 back in the last 80's (when $500 was actually worth something) that I'll be getting out soon. I had it upgraded a bit back in '01 or so the last time I lost weight with grip-based shifters and a 21 speed Shimano sprocket set.

    Right now it's got hybrid road tires on it--I may put knobbies back on and get off-road with it. I plan on getting it out of storage next week during vacation.

    Have fun!

  • Yep- got an old Trek MTB and an ol'skool 26" BMX cruiser that I'll alternate between and go hit the trails with.
    I'm also looking into getting a road bike- got that need for speed
  • I am gonna take out my bike soon when the weather getting a bit warmer. It would be good for cross training.
  • I seem to be falling behind again in my biking .
    This working stuff just keeps getting in the way of having fun .
  • Hi Pam

    I am gearing up for the mountain biking season as well. You're right, it can be really hard to get motivated. We still have a bit of snow on the ground here and the trails are still pretty muddy, but I'm looking forward to getting out with my ladies riding club which is run out of one of the local shops. I'm riding with people who are quite a bit more advanced than I am (some compete on a provincial level) so it can be really challenging, especially as it seems all we have here are hills. But I figure since I've lost some weight I won't have as much to haul up those hills, plus I bought a new fork with a lock-out for climbing, so I'm not dreading it as much. How lucky you are to have a long mountain biking season. Have fun out there!

    Cheers, M.