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Northernpt 03-24-2011 06:56 AM

Different Equipment
I am just posting on diff stuff to use when working out, besides cardio stuff, freeweights, rubber tubing, and body weight. I have used alot of the traditional stuff and it really isnt fun for me like it was so I changed it up not only how I trained but what I train with also. I still use free weights, body weight and rubber tubing but I have added whats called the ultimate sandbag it is AWESOME never felt anything like it, shifting weight is cool. I have also incorporated a Slide board some claim it can be as good as running with out the impact but the best part is that it works you laterally and thats a great thing. I have picked up a Reebok core board also for unstable training helps get the minor muscle fibers you cant hit when you are stable as well as a few other things. Granted the stuff isn't cheap but I picked up some of it off ebay and I didnt do it all at once either. Its just a nice way to change training make it diffrent and gives you other tools to use. It also makes you think out of the box when it comes to working out.

Northernpt 03-24-2011 06:59 AM

I forgot to add the GymBoss It really has helped increase the intensity of my workouts and its much better then always checking the clock for intervals or rest time. I hope some of this stuff can help get people through stale times or push through platues. Thanks and good luck.

vabeachgirlNYC 03-24-2011 07:22 AM

I filled a military seabag with sand for heavy bag boxing! :D

Northernpt 03-24-2011 07:26 AM

Nice I did some Tai boxing before that was always fun. Something about boxing just rocks the cardio world it should be more common in gyms for people to get in shape with

TrainerJosh 06-09-2011 02:09 AM

I'm personally a huge fan of the TRX suspension trainer. I first heard about it a few years ago when they were just starting out and it really has become a staple of my workout routine. I also just bought a Ultimate Sandbag but haven't yet had the chance to fully use it. One more piece of fitness equipment I like is the Gymboss because I do a lot of interval training. You can see in my Please contact FitDay if you would like to advertise your product. my whole thoughts on the device.

tandoorichicken 06-09-2011 04:10 AM

Broomsticks, foam rollers, sandbags, spring grippers, clubs, and hammers. All great training tools. :)

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