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Damn. Sorry again for delay, again. Tried to reply; fitday blanked me; then I sort of fell off fitday for a bit (have been using pen and paper for workouts, and not logging nutrition.) Sorry!

Runbikeski: The heart rate monitor has been a revelation. What felt good, to me, was about 150 bpm. Turns out, for my age and fitness level (35/beginner, since I keep taking time out to get over various illnesses) - 115 bpm is more sensible, so I've been sticking to it! Which has been great. However, looks like I'll be using it towards other purposes... did the last run I'll inflict on my joints today.

Knees, ankles - aren't doing so well... have been doing C25K outdoors (had been on treadmill, til a sunny day coaxed me out - 4 weeks on the programme so far; 1 outdoors). Funny tingling/twinges in left ankle; outright pain in right knee. Few years ago (around PF time), a physio said this to me: "You're not a runner. Your body's not made for it". I thought, hey, who's he to tell me what to do! Surely anyone can run! More fool me. I tried to apply what I've read - did what I could do, and afford - and looks like running might not be in the cards for me now.

Mike: Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it. But I'm between jobs at the moment (doing a bit of freelancing here and there, but have no insurance). As soon as I find something, though, I'm defo going to find 1) a good physio and 2) orthotics, clearly I need them.

SweetMelissa: Thanks for offering advice on PF stretches, very helpful


edit: Am particularly disheartened because it was just so lovely to be freed from the treadmill in the den, DVDs, researching calisthenic moves and routines - all of that sort of uptight stuff. And, running in winter (never thought I'd try that!) turned out to be some kind of wonder, aesthetically. And, my thighs have been promising great things lately. Oh well.

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