Did You Exercise Today???

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  • Yesterday, I raked out all the crap from the mulch and bagged it. Then I push mowed my yard for about 2.5 hours and bagged most of it.

    Today, I did a boxing video for 20 minutes, brought my dumbbell plates and bars inside from the garage. Then, I swept the garage.
  • Nice work CollegeBfan - getting exercise and a clean yard and garage at the same time. If you need another workout, feel free to come clean my yard - I don't have a garage, but the basement could use help

    Today I felt like I was coming down with something - my voice was a little hoarse, so I told myself I could take it easy at the Y. I considered just doing a walk on the Treadmill, but why not go outside for that? So I went to my old friend the wave ellipitcal, and typed in a time goal (instead of a distance, or calories burned goal), I went for 35 minutes, I got my heart up and kept moving, final output 412 calories. I feel somewhat better, although the harder I work in my workout, the longer the rush lasts.

  • Did a quick 2 miler this morning, I've ran solid for the last 5 days for a total of 21 miles.
    Taking the next 2 days off to rest up for my double header this weekend.
  • Did 40 minutes on the elliptical this morning.
  • Nice 6 miler this morning.
    CrossFit yesterday - mostly Abmat sit-ups, with some weights in between sets.
  • Did my usual 2 miles at lunch time--jogged about 2/3rds of it--worked up good sweat!

  • Yes, today it was sunny and 69 degrees, so I put in 9 miles. I jogged 3.7 miles and walked 5.3.
  • I like this thread. It keeps me honest. I got home from work and dozed in the recliner after supper. I thought I have to get up and do some type of movement. I have a push vacuum/blower for yardwork. I pushed it for about 25 minutes. Later, I did the boxing video for 15 minutes and rode the exercise bike for 10 minutes.

    Not much, but better than nothing.
  • You're right CollegeFBFan, reporting in makes me honest...

    Today I got in 20 minutes on the treadmill, fast as I could stand at the start (8.34 minute miles, and kept going for ten minutes that way), then slowed down. It averaged out to about ten minute miles, and great heart pounding sweat.

    This was followed by a class with curl and press (five pound weights, could have gone harder, will try 7s next week), tricep kicks, odd twist and lift the knee stuff which I didn't get the hang of, lunges, leg flutters (those are hard!), and suicide sprints. I did my best, and am proud of that!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Just got through my boxing video. I knew I was in for it when I set it on medium difficulty and high tempo. I lasted about 12 minutes and then rode the exercise bike for about 10 minutes.