Anyone on here doing p90x??

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Default My 2 cents (Cdn.) - Insanity lousy

I just joined this site, and am jumping in a bit late... I think P90X is a great general conditioning workout. Based upon your profile, if you are going RAAF then it will help with all the pushups you will be doing.
I like being able to pop in a disc and just follow along...the down side of P90X, hhmm... probably all the 'coaches' you will meet online trying to sell you stuff. Just ignore them. I bought Insanity, a mistake and a poor program. Basically it is the same program every day, lots and lots of knee jarring moves. Good way to get injured. P90X alternates weight training (low impact) with the more intense.
If you wanted to really be a beast, (and what I am hoping to do myself) is get Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, 4 - 30 minute total body workouts that will humble you. Do 30 minutes in the a.m. and then a P90X in the p.m. That will give your metabolism a nit in the morning and evening.
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Heya westcoasting! Welcome to the site. I've been quiet on here lately due to random life stuff, but I'm back now!
Finally got the P90X (massive communication issues on both ends, seller was really nice, but grrrrrrr), light on cash this week, so I'll be getting everything (weights, heartrate monitor etc) this weekend after payday. Doesn't help that I'm kinda living in between homes right now, and I'll have to move out of where I currently am in May... got no where else lined up, but have a few options, so I might miss a day or two of P90X while I sort myself out, but plan to start next Monday.
Also going to <i>maybe</i> try to use the nutriation guide, but not sure at this stage.
I'll get the blog going before I start (with pics) and post the linky here for anyone that's interested.
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Default P90X Nutrition Plan

The Three Phases
Any X’er will tell you, the P90X Nutrition Plan is key to maximizing your results. Just as P90X isn’t a quick fix or miracle fad the nutrition plan is about choosing the foods you WANT to eat and determining the portions that’ll properly fuel you before, during and after each of your workouts.

Phase 1: Fat Shredder

Kicking off your P90X workout and diet program, the high-protein-based foods in this phase are designed to strip fat while strengthening your muscles.

Phase 2: Energy Booster

EB is a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates with a reduced amount of protein to maximize endurance and provide additional energy for performance (eg, during Plyometrics workouts!).

Phase 3: Endurance Maximizer

This phase kicks in near the tail end of the program and consists of complex carbs, lean proteins and reduced fat. It’s focus is in maximizing the fuel available during the last few weeks of the system, helping you avoid plateaus and get chiseled and toned.

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Hi all, bump!
Finally after multiple moves and random life things, I'll be starting the program this afternoon.
Haven't had the time to even start the blog yet, but I know that this is the perfect chance to start using the P90x, and if I don't do it now then I may as well give up on the RAAF. So I've dedicated my afternoon to making the blog, watching the intro DVD and doing the first hour. God help me.
Wish me luck guys, I'll keep you posted.
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okay, now it's time to get serious!
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Well here's the blog address: Wowloz But I warn you as of now I'm still setting it up, so if you look at it and think WTF? give me a few days to make sure I like it, knowing me it will change design a few times.
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Default P90X2 Challenge

I am doing a P90X Challenge. Anyone interested send me a message! Can't wait for this program.
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p90X threads have now been merged into one.
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Default I'm doing slob90x, the p90x killer

I loved P90x so much I made SLOB90X

enjoy P90Xers and others.

Tony Horton endorses it!

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Default P90 vs Shaut T

Greetings - interested to know of any preferences between P90X vs Shaun T's program for a semi-beginner. thanks in advance
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